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Our Values  

Our Values are an important statement of who we are and what we stand for. They have provided the foundation for our business (both for II-VI PERFORMANCE METALS and for our parent, II-VI) over the decades and shape our company's culture.

Customers First
We will consistently provide quality products and services by:

  • Being responsive to each of our customers´ needs
  • Building positive, constructive and mutually beneficial partnerships with our customers
  • Identifying and leveraging the capabilities of internal and external resources to better serve the needs of our customers

Honesty and Integrity
We will conduct our work with honesty and integrity by:

  • Always telling the truth
  • Acting responsibly
  • Taking ownership of problems and making sure that they get solved
  • Being fully accountable for what we say and do

Open Communications
We will have open, timely communication and share information by:

  • Building personal and organizational credibility and trust through clear, effective, accurate and thoughtful communications
  • Sharing information, ideas, comments and feedback with all persons having a need to know or a contribution to make
  • Being responsible to protect our company´s and customer's proprietary information

We will work as a winning team by:

  • Trusting, respecting and having confidence in each other
  • Listening and constructively responding to the alternative points of view expressed by others
  • Providing support to those who need it
  • Recognizing the interests and achievement of others
  • Working together to achieve key business results

Continuous Improvement and Learning
We will constantly enhance our abilities and improve our performance by:

  • Constantly seeking new knowledge, new technology, new approaches and new capabilities
  • Measuring our performance and improvement
  • Embracing a lifelong learning and continuous improvement philosophy
  • Being receptive to change
  • Maintaining a positive attitude

Manage by the "Facts"
We will adopt a systematic approach to problem solving and support our decisions with clear and accurate information by:

  • Being clear
  • Investing the time and resources required to collect accurate data and information
  • Being willing to show unsatisfactory results
  • Not relying on speculation, feelings or assumptions

Safe, Clean and Orderly Workplace
We will build and maintain the quality of our workplace environment by:

  • Watching out for the health and safety of each other
  • Being aware of and complying with all environmental, health and safety (EHS) laws& best practices
  • Reporting all EHS concerns that arise
  • Keeping our work areas clean and well organized


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