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Selenium is an essential micronutrient for animals and humans. Numerous studies of Micronutrient deficiencies in Soils and Crops across the world have been reported over the years.
This problem is especially critical to the nutrition of people, and animals alike, in the developing world. Studies correlating the prevalence of many common diseases to Selenium deficiency in the local populations have been widely publicized in recent years. Systematic and controlled Selenium Supplementation is now being carried out in several countries by adding inorganic selenium (Sodium Selanate) to fertilizers. In the soil, Selenium is rapidly reduced to an insoluble form and therefore, the risk of leaching Selenium into the environment is considered negligible.
Selenium in the form of Sodium Selenate is taken up by plants from the soil when added to the fertilizer. This sodium salt, Na2SeO4 contains 41% Selenium. II-VI PERFORMANCE METALS is the world’s leading producer of high quality Sodium Selanate and has been supplying this essential ingredient reliably for two decades.
II-VI PERFORMANCE METALS’s Sodium Selanate is also compounded into several commercial Pet and Poultry Nutritional Products and Supplements.



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